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Thank you for visiting Barktopia!  It is an informational site about all animals.  Everything from the truth about "Teacup dogs", parakeet care, heartworm info, lost and found and so much more!

How to Stop a cat from clawing furniture

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats and a way of fulfilling a cat's strong instinctive need to mark its territory. Scratching also exercises their shoulders, legs and paws and provides valuable stretching. The key to protecting your cat's health -and- your furniture is to get your cat to scratch somewhere else that is more appealing than the furniture. 


  • When selecting or building a scratching post, look for one at least as tall as your cat is when standing on its hind legs. It also must be very sturdy with a wide base so it doesn't wobble. The most important feature of any scratching post is that it must be rough and scratchy like a tree trunk. Posts with sisal fiber rope wound on them are best. Your cat will love it. To supplement the post you can use scratchboards in other rooms.  ...Read More

The Teacup Puppy Phenomenon

We are amazed at so many people wanting to buy a so-called "Teacup" puppy. Thus the reason we are writing this piece concerning our views about the phenomenon of so many people wanting a "so-called teacup" puppy.

Puppies aren't toys; they are living breathing babies that need love and attention, not to spend half of their life in someone's HOT purse!

Please take the time to read this and educate yourself!  The lives of many little dogs depend on you educating yourself, and others, not to buy into this phase.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

This is a topic that most assuredly needs to be brought to the attention of perspective puppy buyers.

Let's start out by saying "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "TEACUP" PUPPY".
...Read More



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